The Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation sought to expand The Free Library of Philadelphia's resources to the intersecting needs of job seekers, emerging literacy-level adults, and those who lack the digital access and literacy skills required to obtain stable, reliable employment. For many Philadelphians finding a job is an imperative, essential need that the COVID-19 pandemic has made exponentially harder. Resources for Job Seekers needed an uplifting, approachable system that would function across many platforms, but was still sensitive to the weight of this work and the adversity that the audience faces. The campaign's visual language utilizes jewel tones to convey richness, intersecting geometric shapes reminiscent of overlapping sheets of paper, and relatable photography that inspires action. 
Print Collateral
Branch Posters
Out-Of-Home Advertising
Specific neighborhoods in Philadelphia were targeted with month-long bus shelter advertising at seven stops. Neighborhoods were chosen based on the program leads’ audience goals, including reaching areas with higher-than-average unemployment rates. These ads generated 2,505,080 total impressions.
Digital Collateral and Social Media
Multiple clickable digital advertisement campaigns ran on the Free Library’s social media pages. First, a traffic campaign targeted two groups: adults who are interested in job interview, employment, job, or job hunting in the Philadelphia designated market area and fans of the Free Library pages in the Philadelphia designated market area. The goal was to drive these Facebook and Instagram users to the Free Library’s new job seeker website. This traffic campaign generated over 22,838 website visits and 708,882 impressions. Second, digital advertising for individual Career Fair events ran from June 2, 2021 through June 17, 2021. Combined, event advertising generated 428 RSVPs and 170,758 impressions. 
Campaign Swag